Become the Microsoft Teams Rockstar you know you can be 

Microsoft Teams has established itself as a premium platform for internal communication and collaboration. Not only is it perfect for internal communication, the ability to invite external users to specific Teams, and have large meetings with anyone, brings you an application that combines a communication tool and a collaborative workstation.  

That’s just a note in a Rock Anthem of features and functionalities that will keep you humming to yourself because every time you play it, you feel like life is just a little better. Do you want to take your companies Microsoft Teams environment certified platinum? Learn how to become a Microsoft Teams rockstar with our incredible partner Valo’s eBook by Microsoft RD and MVP, Gokan.

3 things to look forward to
  • Getting an introduction to Microsoft Teams 

  • Learning how SharePoint and Teams work together, not separate 

  • Uncovering 10 Underused and undiscovered Teams features