FireStart is about empowering everyone to take part in shaping the digital future. With them by your side, you can combine the best of human potential and computing power.

Continuous Workflow Improvement

Get valuable insights into your process execution performance with FireStart’s Business Process Intelligence toolkit. Check live data on active workflows or review a six-month performance trend to see how your process improvement initiatives have worked.

Intelligent Forms

FireStart’s drag-and-drop form wizard generates complex automated forms that can pull data from multiple integrated IT systems. Make manual tasks and approvals easier for your employees by having all the information in one form.

Web-Based Process Portal

Give your internal users an intuitive web-based portal to view their FireStart dashboard and processes, models, and active workflows.

Intuitive Process Modelling

No code/low code, drag and drop process modelling allows you to easily build complex flowchart models that are comprehensive and get a full picture of your procedures so everyone in your company truly understands all internal processes.

Powerful Workflow Automation

With a robust integration system, process models can quickly be connected to back-end systems using a graphical mapping interface to automate your processes. Actively live monitor your workflow executions that always lets you know how the execution is progressing and allows for clear user responsibilities.

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The FireStart BPM Platform connects professional process planning, powerful workflow automation and profound process analysis in one unified Business Process Management solution that allows you to turn your slow and unorganized processes into efficient and digital processes that ensure optimum productivity is achieved and task deadlines are always met in a timely manner. Business users can build complex business flowcharts and automated workflows with FireStart’s intuitive designing client and smart adapters that connect to their existing IT landscape. Design, develop, and optimize in confidence and turn your ideas into reality.

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