Valo’s award-winning digital workplace solutions have won year-after-year. Built directly into and leveraging the latest SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 technologies, Valo enhances what was already there to create one of the most powerful, yet affordable, SharePoint intranets out there.

Developed with the Help of 10 Microsoft MVPS

Did you ever wonder how Valo consistently stays cutting-edge? They have an incredible team of developers and visionaries, of which 9 are highly regarded Microsoft MVPs.


From both a product and an implementation perspective, Valo saves you money. It is a premium Microsoft 365 product whose cost doesn't match its incredible power and customizability.

Also, since Valo’s Digital Workplace Solutions are considered ‘in-a-box,’ most of the features and functionalities you need are already included. This means you can dramatically cut down on implementation time!

All Your Internal Communication in One Location

Microsoft Teams has become a must-have corporate communication tool, for any organization. That is why, to continue to advance the possibilities of internal communications, Valo can now plug into Microsoft Teams!

The right technology, in the right hands, to help your business thrive.

More About Valo Digital Workplace

Valo Digital Workplace can be configured to your business needs by product and module.

Valo Intranet

Award-winning intranet in-a-box built directly into your SharePoint 2016-2019 or Office 365 environment. Hit the ground running with 70% of your intranet already built! Then, let our professionals tailor the rest to your internal communication needs. If you’re worried it will feel like ‘just another SharePoint intranet,’ rest assured Valo Intranet has many customization options - with beautiful UI & UX rich themes to get you started.

Do you want your company news in the same place as your conversations? Now, add Valo Intranet to Microsoft Teams for all internal communication, in one location.

Valo Teamwork

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful tool! However, it’s far too easy for it to get out of hand and quickly become chaotic. Valo Teamwork allows you to predefine what each team should be using - based on team objectives. It also provides IT with a better handle on who and what kind of team creation is occurring.

Valo Digital Workplace can also Integrate into Microsoft Teams! So, why not add Valo Digital Workplace and Mindlab Systems to your team of business tools and collaborations!

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